Running with the Past and the Present: Contemporary Indigenous Art in North America

Pavilon Anthropos, 11. 5. 2022 v 17:00 hod.

Jeffrey Alan Vanderziel, Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University.

At the current exhibit here "Óóó Indiáni", we can see many representations of indigenous North American identity expressed through designs and imagery on artifacts both secular and sacred. The vast majority of these items date to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and in some respects contribute to the widely-held concept of these cultures as unchanging. The focus of this talk will be on how indigenous design and imagery has changed and adapted to the impact of colonial (e.g. Western) cultures, with artists and creators incorporating new methods, approaches and imagery, while maintaining a direct link with their indigenous cultures from the past, thus demonstrating the vitality of contemporary indigenous cultures. Examples from woodcarving, ceramics, basketry, as well as painting and museum exhibits will be discussed.