Happy homeless - European and Cosmopolitan Jiří Gruša

The exhibition gives an insight to the life and work of Jiří Gruša who was, first of all, a poet and prosaist writing both in Czech and German language. In divers stages of his life carrier he was subsequently a dissident, fighter against censorship and dictatorship, later on diplomat, translator, and mediator of national and cultural cooperation. The exhibition conceived both in Czech and German version, is based on materials from the Jiří Gruša fund preserved in the collections of the Moravian Museum. Jiří Gruša, having held the position of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, the post of Ambassador in Germany and Austria, Director  of the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna and President of the worldwide writer organisation „PEN International“, was a true European and a personality of worldwide format. The exhibition is repeatedly staged on the occasion of various cultural events and in various institutions both in this country and abroad.