Permanent exhibitions in Anthropos Pavilion

The Anthropos Pavilion / Moravian Museum will be opened to the public after a three year renovation on June 30, 2006. The building went through a substantial reconstruction and enlargement. Besides the permanent exhibition, the visitor can find there two halls for short-time exhibitions, a modern conference hall and a café. The permanent exhibition on the oldest history of the settlement in Moravia as well as on the whole European continent consists of three parts created by our outstanding specialists: "Moravian Hunters and Gatherers", "The oldest Art of Europe" (author of the script M. Oliva) and "Palaeolithic Technologies" (authors Z. and P. Neruda). The second part brings up-to-date discoveries concerning the evolution of man and the beginnings of his culture: "Genetics in the Evolution of Man" (J. Sekerák), "The Story of Mankind" (Z. Šmahel, M. Dočkalová) complemented with the presentation of the behaviour of man's next relatives - primates, shown in the section "Cousins or Brothers? - Ethology of Primates" (V. Vančata). The new permanent exhibition presents up-to-date discoveries from the field of archaeology, anthropology, genetics etc., and proposes interactive presentations using modern audio-visual techniques; it also contains several dioramas and reconstructions of the environment and life of Palaeolithic hunters and gatherers. Of course, the visitors will find there the popular mammoth model surrounded with its natural environment. Financial resources for the reconstruction of the pavilion and the creation of new exhibitions have been granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.